Optimizing Swift and Safe Ways to Catch Pesky House Spiders

The American house spider is, according to the New York State Conservationist, the most common species of cobweb spider found in New York homes. The American house spider can be easily identified by its round, shiny abdomen and long, spindly legs. As for indoor or outdoor living, it has no preference; it builds its web wherever food is most plentiful. It typically hangs upside-down in its haphazardly constructed web in corners, doorways and under furniture in your home, or outside between rocks or fence posts. The female American house spider constructs pale brown, pear-shaped egg sacs that also hang in her messy web. This species is abundant and widespread across the entire world, and is closely associated with buildings and other man-made structures. The teardrop-shaped, papery brown egg sacs can aid in their identification. The spider’s color and body shape cause them to be mistaken for “brown widows” on occasion.

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