Keeping Your Property Ant-Free is My Signature Specialty

Home and business owners can begin to experience ant problems in Rochester, NY around the spring and summer months. This usually has very little to do with the cleanliness of your property, It is just Mother Nature at her best. Many insects, including ants simply wander in from the outdoors looking for food, water and shelter.

There are a few things you can do to help keep ants out. Cornell University says; first, make it hard for them to get in. Use screens and door sweeps. Trim branches that touch your house. Seal holes in your siding (like where pipes go through the wall). Keep the counters clean, the floors swept, spilled sweets cleaned up, put food away and fix leaking pipes.

With names like, “cornfield ants”, “thief ants”, “yellow ants”, “pharaoh ants”, “odorous house ants”, and “little black ants”, among many others, they are a nuisance. For residents of Rochester, NY who are looking for an ant exterminator call CWF Pest Management, a qualified provider of ant pest control in New York State.

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